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We have virtual work environments for all customer support, social media, graphic design, web design, and software development staff. These services will continue to be provided remotely.

All orders placed via phone, web site, and email channels will continue to be fulfilled. Photographers, videographers, floor plan technicians, and Matterport technicians will continue to service requests in the field.

We have carefully reviewed the Government action plan and reaffirm our commitment to our safety protocol. We are continuing to take extra health and safety precautions while providing our services.

Included in our protocol: Minimizing people on-site, physical distancing, wearing masks, not overlapping appointments. Applicable to 360 team members, clients, and homeowners.

  • We recommend that the seller/realtor or any other third party not be present during scheduled appointments to ensure we can comply with physical distancing requirements.
  • We request that anyone on-site respect social distancing for everyone’s safety and remain in a different part of the home/property while we are working on-site.
  • If physical distancing cannot be observed we recommend all parties present wear a mask.
  • Please do not book any other services from another company at the same time.
  • Please advise us if anyone at the property is not feeling well, and we will postpone or cancel the appointment.
  • Please have the property photo/video ready upon our arrival. We will minimize touching any household items or furniture.
  • We are booking our services apart to minimize team members being on-site at the same time.
  • Our team members will wash or sanitize their hands upon entry of the property, as well as ensure their equipment is clean and sanitized.
  • If any of our team members are not feeling well, we will require them to self-isolate and provide a symptom-free team member or contact you to reschedule/cancel the appointment.
  • Please be advised we will cancel or reschedule an appointment if a team member arrives on-site and feels unsafe because of COVID-19.

At this time we kindly request our customers to have their properties in a ready-to-shoot state at the time of our arrival in support of both our COVID-19 protocol and the marketing success for your listing or project.

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