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The 3D Virtual Reality Agency

V-Tech Measurements is an innovative agency specialising in 3D Virtual Site Tours for Construction Industry.  Our offer includes Special Services like Archi Pack, TruePlan for Xactimate or Scan2BIM  specially designed for Architects, Engineers and Constructors.

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Since 2019, V-Tech Measurements has been providing content for architects, engineers and construction companies. It’s not by accident that construction happens to be our best industry. It’s the most practical out of all the industries that need virtual tours.

The professional staff of V-Tech Measurements offers the highest quality tours, scans, models and photographs. Each team member — including our drone operators, photographers and designers — is highly trained to ensure exceptional quality.

Whether you work in architecture, engineering, or construction, you’ll be able to streamline documentation, 3D scan as-builts, and collaborate with ease. Using our services, you can also reduce costs and help save the most precious commodity — your time.

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3D Virtual Tour

As practice shows, a virtual tour can become an effective marketing tool in hi-rise constructions and real estate. Read More!

OBJ Files

The OBJ Files enables architects, engineers, and construction professionals to quickly and easily import point cloud, high-resolution floor plans, and reflected ceiling plan images into third-party programs, such as 3ds max, ReCap, Revit, or AutoCAD. Read More!

SKX Files

The TruePlan™ add-on generates SKX files in floor plan and 3D views from 3D Virtual Site Tours models that can be easily imported into Xactimate™ software. Read More!

BIM Files

Transform your space into a 3D Autodesk Revit model and 2D CAD files. Generated BIM files at a fraction of the conventional cost of surveying and as-built pack. Read More!

E57 Files

An info tag is a pop-up window in a 3D model that enriches the virtual tour with additional information about features.     Read More!

Video & Photography

Capture still images and 360° panoramics or Before and After Videos, indoors and outdoors, in 4K and HDR, ready to share with subcontractors. Read More!

Info Tags

An info tag is a pop-up window in a 3D model that enriches the virtual tour with additional information about features.     Read More!

Web Hosting
Our work

Once we know the property you want to capture, we work with you on a schedule and budget. We will share some tips and guidelines that we have found in our experience and give you the best results.

When our capture technicians team arrives on-site on the specified date and time for filming, we encourage the presence of an asset manager to check in with our team. If property and weather conditions are subject to change, we will work with you on the necessary changes.

Our editing technicians team processes all the footage captured on-site and put it on a virtual tour. Before hand over, our team performs internal procedures to ensure that all videos and tours meet quality standards.

We will email you a link to an embeddable web virtual tour which you can upload on all major social media platforms or advertisement galleries. It will allow you to showcase your assets online and stay ahead of the competition.

Our bundles

The difference between packages is made by the included services, NOT by Quality. All our 3D Virtual Tours are captured with MC 250 PRO 360 Matterport Camera (134 MegaPixels, 4K and HDR). See what is included in each bundle here.

starts from
New Build
1 x 3D Virtual Tour (up to 1000 SqFt)
5 x 4K HDR Photos
10 x Info Tags
3 Months Free Web Hosting
starts from
Renovation Plus
1 x 3D Virtual Tour (up to 4000 SqFt)
10 x 4K HDR Photos
3 x Panoramic HDR Photos
10 x Info Tags
3 Months Free Web Hosting
Starts from
1 x 3D Virtual Tour (up to 3000 SqFt)
5 x 4K HDR Photos
20 x Info Tags
3 Months Free Web Hosting
starts from
.OBJ Bundle
1 x 3D Virtual Tour (up to 1000 SqFt)
1 x OBJ Files
3 Months Free Web Hosting
starts from
.SKX bundle
1 x 3D Virtual Tour (up to 1000 SqFt)
1 x SKX Files
3 Months Free Web Hosting
starts from
.E57 Bundle
1 x 3D Virtual Tour (up to 1000 SqFt)
1 x OBJ Files
3 Months Free Web Hosting
Starts from
bim bundle
1 x 3D Virtual Tour (up to 1000 SqFt)
1 x BIM Files
3 Months Free Web Hosting
Creative &
cost effective
Save time and money

It’s difficult if not impossible to see and document all aspects of a jobsite in a 1-2 hour job walk. Our service provides permanent access to an immersive 3D representation of the project site in 4K resolution that you can share with your subcontractors to assist in simplifying and increasing accuracy in the bid process. Use the 3D Virtual Tour to allow subcontractors remote “anytime” access to the jobsite as well as supporting MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, Plumbing) spaces and surrounding areas for a better understanding of the project. This can minimize scope gaps and provide insight into conditions that contractors might not otherwise realize.

Accurate and coplete as-builds

Providing accurate and complete as-builts has historically been a hit and miss affair. Accurate and complete as-built drawings are rare or incomplete at best. However, as-builts based on our 3D scanning technology document virtually 100% of the actual conditions and installations with our AutoCAD ready documents will substantially simplify and decrease cost of subsequent remodels. No guessing, no question.

Documentation for entire project

Photographic documentation at different stages of construction is time consuming and inconsistent. Even if you could take photos of the entire jobsite, organizing these photos into a navigable format is time consuming and expensive. As a result, it is usually not done at all. Contractors are left with an incomplete, unorganized and largely useless pile of photos. Our cost effective services assures that you have, not only 100% complete 4K resolution photo documentation of your entire project but also the 3D data to add dimensional back up for all installations.

Easy to embed

Communicating the intricacies of your companies experience to potential customers with paper pamphlets and still photography leaves a lot of ground uncovered. A virtual and immersive 3D walk-through will showcase your entire project, start to finish and can easily be embedded into your website, engaging your prospective client for far longer than any still image or text explanation.

Quick and cost effective

Often times, in the interest of holding the schedule, existing conditions that conflict with contract documents are covered or modified before the contractor can finalize an agreement with the owner in regards to modification of price to account for a change in scope. A quick and cost effective scan, documenting 100% of your jobsite in 4K resolution will provide a permanent and measureable record of the owner’s property before work takes place, after soft demo is complete or at any other stage of construction. 

Collaborate with ease

We scan the space at specific milestones during the project to provide 100% visual documentation in an easy to navigate and automatically organized format. Specific points within the space can be tagged and augmented with additional photos, videos or information to simplify and bolster communication of RFIs (Requests for Information) to the design team. Your team will be able to effectively collaborate inside of your virtual space no matter where they are in the world!

Case studies
Stone House
Stone House
Designing a dream?
We have
the solution
agree that reality capture is the future of architecture, engineering, and construction
agree that having a 3D walkthrough is superior than other alternatives to communicate job site status
agree that Matterport has improved the way they communicate on projects

If you work in architecture, engineering or construction, the ability to streamline documentation and share 3D as-built scans with stakeholders will improve collaboration and boost project management efficiency. Save time and money while benefiting from the most accurate plans and models available on the market.

As-built creation

Capture existing conditions before beginning the design phase. Replace lengthy manual measurements with an accurate and fast 3D scan. Then import the point cloud or .obj file directly into your BIM software.


Speed-up subcontractor estimates by eliminating the need for site visits.

Construction progress

Document and share construction progress with owners and collaborators.

Create virtual punch lists

Communicate effectively by annotating the 3D model with notes, links, photos, and videos.

Remote inspection

Save travel time with remote inspections.

Project handover

Improve facilities management capabilities and customer service by sharing a full “digital twin” of the property with owners

Client’s statement
Jeniffer Burns
Creative Heads Inc.

We loved the virtual tour that V-Tech Measurements did for us. It’s a really amazing product, for both the street view and the website. Every time I emailed them, they responded within a business day. He was accommodating in every way. Couldn’t ask for more responsive or professional service. Great vendor, the go-to for London in my opinion.

John Matthew
Best RealEstate

I highly recommend V-Tech Measurements. We made a Virtual Tour for one of our properties, and the V-Tech team was very helpful from the beginning. Not only did they answer all of our questions and requirements, but they also delivered everything right on time. If you are looking for a Virtual Tour provider, V-Tech Measurements it’s the best option.

Reece Brown

V-Tech produces 3-D tours to perfection!  With their state of the art technology it creates an experience that places you inside a room as if you were there. V-Tech customer support ensures 100% satisfaction with the finished product. V-Tech Measurements will be my 3-D solution for life!

Sophie Cole

Great Service and very professionally done!

Clients asked

A virtual tour, also known as an immersive tour, is a collection of photos linked together to give the viewer a complete picture of the viewing experience. Some people think that creating a virtual tour costs a lot of time and money. V-Tech Measurements proves the opposite. Our goal is to make virtual tours accessible to everyone. All V-Tech measurement tours are available with one click on most devices such as Macs, PCs, smartphones (iOS and Android), tablets and VR headsets. Make sure your clients have the best marketing tools available in the real estate industry!

Deadline the next day! 24/7 online demo without disturbing existing tenants. Engage the serious buyer. Buyers can interactively explore items at eye level.

Displayed virtual tours show 3D floor plans, dollhouse views and bird’s eye views in the high-quality definition.

Accurate measurement of everything and everything, directly in the Showcase We offer premium service to our customers, making it easy to achieve listing presentations.

Include 3D tours everywhere, including websites.

We mainly make a quote based on the size of the property. You can request a quote on our web page here or if you wish to inquire about any discounts that your business may be entitled to, please contact us.

Simplicity is the key. You can implement that immersive tool in various ways.

  • Showing all advantages of the construction to your potential clients is only the peak of the iceberg.
  • Virtual tours are perfect to present your architectural ideas on special expos or conferences of architects.
  • It is the most up-to-date way to make your website attractive and informative and to increase its attendance greatly.
  • Your social media will be on the top of popularity if you use virtual tours as a part of their content.

Firstly, it’s like looking at an image. Secondly, you have total control over the 3D Virtual Tour, and you can navigate to a specific environment and test all the features. Tour includes info tags. Info tags are small info tabs containing additional content such as texts, videos, media links or call-to-action. Book now!

The MatterPak™ Bundle is a set of assets that you can download and import into third-party programs. It contains:

  • Colorized point cloud (.XYZ)
  • Reflected ceiling plan image
    • (.JPG) Multiple files if multiple floors
    • (.PDF) All floors in one file
  • High-resolution floor plan image (This is NOT the Schematic Floor Plans.) This is similar to the ceiling plan image but of the floor.
    • (.JPG) Multiple files if multiple floors
    • (.PDF) All floors in one file
  • 3D mesh file (.OBJ) including the necessary texture map image files (.JPG).

Find more information here.

The ArchiPack Bundle is for architects, engineers, and construction professionals who want to import these assets into 3D third-party programs* (such as 3ds Max, ReCap, Revit, or AutoCAD), perform additional work, and then offer as part of a commercial package to their clients. For example:

  • Architects and engineers can use the point cloud to quickly create an as-built model and jump-start their designs.
  • Construction professionals can use the ceiling plan and floor plan images for documentation/verification and building turnover packages, or use the point cloud as a part of the QA/QC process.

TruePlan can be used to help in the estimating process when a person is trying to understand the scope of a property loss and the estimated cost of the restoration of that property. Xactimate sketches are used across the insurance loss cycle. Restoration contractors, carriers, estimators and adjusters alike all use TruePlan™ to help understand the conditions of a property when a claim is filed and a restoration project begins.

You will be given the option to include one or all of the following product scopes:

  • Architecture includes visible walls, floors, doors, columns, ceilings, windows, bathroom fixtures, stairs, roofs. For more information download the Scan2BIM Architecture free pdf.
  • Furniture includes visible desks, tables, cabinets, shelves, chairs, seating, appliances, and some wall fixtures. For more information download Scan2BIM Furniture free pdf.
  • MEP includes visible HVAC ducts, plumbing fixtures, pipes, power/data outlets, and some conduits. For more information download the Scan2BIM MEP free pdf.

The location must be clean and empty when we arrive for the  3D capture. (we will send you a “to-do” list before the survey date., If you do not comply, your virtual tour may not be as good as expected! As soon as we arrive at the property, we will create a report and send it to you if everything does not go back to normal. Whether you want to continue the survey is up to you. But do not worry! To change the scheduled survey date, we charge a fee of £50.


On top of virtual tours, we also offer as extra services:

  • Photography (Stills & Panoramic shots)
  • Videography (Edited Video w/ Music, Etc)
  • Virtual Home Staging
  • Schematic floor plans
  • Web Hosting for the 3D Model

It’s tough to pinpoint the industries that do the best job. All our initiatives are doing very well in what they’re trying to achieve. Whether it’s a restaurant looking to fill a seat, a real estate agent looking to sell a house, or a local retailer looking to launch a new clothing line, we can welcome any requests you might have.

You can view our portfolio here or on social media. We serve real estate, restaurants, retail and much more!

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