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Interactive Info Tags

Informational tags are optional pop-up windows embedded in the 3D virtual tours that enrich the digital twin experience with additional functional information. Info tags are a great way to highlight points of interest in an asset overview. You can embed text posts, links, videos, and even e-commerce workflows right into your 3D model. Also, the info tags is a well-known tool for Lead Generation.

With the help of our embedded info tags, you can highlight exciting features, repair awareness, documents, tag equipment, add photos, and provide information for training. Information tags can be attached to objects in a 3D virtual tour model to display information about all points of interest.

Adding information tags to a 3D virtual tour lets you convey additional information and add context to specific places, objects, or functions directly within the 3D virtual tour. Represented by colour pins, info tags can be attached to all surfaces. Info tags are visible in the 3D virtual tour and can be accessed directly. The content of the info tag can be plain text or include any type of media (photo, video, audio) and URL links. You can also use the info tag to link different virtual 3D tours.

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