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Commonly called Progress Photography, the art of multi-phase construction photography are your best documentation and a visual insurance policy for catching errors, assigning responsibilities, checking on independent M.E.P. trade contractors, and marketing your services.

When your construction project singles for damage to a neighbouring property, pre-construction photography provides a visual record of the pre-existing condition of that property. Progress images captured at regular intervals shows evidence of changing conditions and responsibility, or lack thereof, for any damage.

Construction Progress photography can document the achievement of contractual milestones and provide marketing images to be used in public media or as examples of project expertise in upcoming proposals.

At V-Tech Measurements, we have the expertise and experience to deliver reliable, affordable results. We look forward to working on your project soon.

V-Tech Measurements uses HDR photography for all construction sites. We also have trusted photographers that take the time to edit and produce these photos for real estate agents and business owners to best showcase your property. Our photography service is one of the best in the country!

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