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Why do we use HD photography in real estate photography?

Niche and expertise are both critical in photography.

As a photography company that focuses on real estate, we ensure that our photographers have sufficient qualifications and practical knowledge for HDR photography.


Because our commitment is to provide only the best photography services to real estate agents and property owners.

Now I want to share with you the magic of HDR photography. You might know everything about high-definition photography, but that’s not all.

In addition to understanding the technical features, there are many more benefits than you can think of right now.

Importance of HD Photography

The power of fascinating images in the real estate industry is significant for advertising new listings.

With that in mind, nobody wants to see unkempt pictures in advertisements.

Therefore, we should only take high-definition quality pictures. As a leading real estate photography company, V-tech Measurements offers hand-retouched HDR Photos.

This technique creates attractive images that drive conversions.

Here are a few more reasons why HDR photos are essential to real estate.

Lead Generation

Real Estate Brokers or Agents get new leads Online.

Now that everything is digital, we need to improve finding leads.

 The traditional way of finding leads is still essential, but finding them on the internet has become more convenient.

 Add an impressive image to your listing to attract more potential customers, and ultimately, your customers will enquire the necessary information about the property on your listing.

Improved Online Visibility

The best way to increase your online visibility is to start with a website and social media accounts.

 You should be able to impress your users by adding attractive images to your posts or website pages.

Such engaging images have a tremendous potential for visitors to share, like, and comment.

Also, uploading should be of the highest quality as it will help you advance your business on social media platforms.

Fast Selling Properties

Previous statistics in the United Kingdom show that properties with high-quality photos sell 31% faster than properties without high-quality images.

It is true whether the property is new or previously owned.

Besides, a house with more photos sells faster than one with only one picture on the listing.

 According to statistics, a house with a single photo spends 70 days in the market, whereas a home with 20 or more photos only stays in the market for 32 days.

Increased Home Value

Some homeowners are still unaware of this. The fact is that a great image adds value to a property.

 According to recent statistics, homes with professional photos are £8,000 higher than their market value.

 That’s Big!

 That’s why a small investment in a photo is not so much compared to the asset’s value after you put it online.

For this purpose, aerial photography and video recording can highlight more features and amenities of the property.

Produce Great Images With HD Estates

A home is like a paradise, so potential buyers should be able to determine this from the very beginning.

What better way to introduce it to the world than with creative photography?

Ready to update your real estate listing?

Please let us know!

Our experienced sales team is always ready to help you achieve your goals.

 We’re here because our clients need us.

If you think it’s time to ask a professional photographer for help, feel free to contact us anytime at: or phone call at: 07379.917.758.

We wish you the best for your following property listing.

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